Included is the basis of website weight, more ranking foundation
Website traffic comes from the index volume, without index website data will not bring us traffic
In a way, the amount of included and index is the aspect that SEOER should pay attention to
Here to talk about how to quickly increase the amount of Web site included and index

1、 DNS resolution security and stability
DNS Security and stability of our SEO optimization (especially in the late) plays a very important role
Therefore, we must choose reliable host and domain name providers to prevent the decline of Baidu Index due to illegal DNS resolution and frequent IP address change
2、 High quality of original content
High quality content refers to the original content with reference value to users
The ultimate goal of search engines is to provide users with valuable content, not to provide you with free traffic channels
Therefore, only by doing a good job in the content of the website, can we improve the amount of included and index of the website
Note: to avoid high similarity of website content, search engines will compare our web pages in their own database. If the content similarity of your website is very high, one or more similar contents will be dropped to K, which will lead to the decrease of index.

3、 Clear content layout
The key of the search engine to identify the page is to see where the content is important
Just like a newspaper, people only look at the headlines first, and then they can get a deeper understanding
The title is often very conspicuous, and the content is easy to understand, so when doing the content, we should do a good job in the optimization of primary and secondary typesetting
For example, it is necessary to use H1 label for the title, bold and red paragraph points
4、 Website update frequency
The frequency of web page update is an important guarantee to ensure the update of web page snapshot
The update of snapshot is the key to build index ranking. Regular publishing of new articles can make the search engine spider enhance the friendliness of the website
On the contrary, if your website is updated once a day before, and then you update it every few days, it will lead to the decline of Baidu Index
5、 Website URL address is reasonable
Website URL address must be reasonable
If you have a web page with multiple different URLs that can be accessed at the same time, the search engine spider will not be able to determine which URL is the URL of the page, which will lead to the decline of Baidu Index
Therefore, the internal chain should ensure the relevance of the page and the page, which page points to the home page, and what page points to the related page
6、 High website defense
Website security defense is our every stationmaster must do a good job
The invasion of the website will do great harm to our whole website
So webmasters must back up the data of the website in time, and do a good job in server security and website program security

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